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Julian Burger

PhD student
Clinical Psychology & Psychological Methods


I am a PhD student at the University Medical Center Groningen in collaboration with the University of Amsterdam. My primary research interest lies in personalising the treatment of psychological disorders. More often than not, such approaches rely on data-driven algorithms that lack the flexibility to incorporate clinically relevant considerations.

I am developing new methodology that allows practitioners to include such considerations into the estimation of idiographic systems.


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This led to the development of PREMISE (the Prior Elicitation Module for Idiographic System Estimation), a free web-application developed for clinical practitioners. This software is still under development.

A description of my project, funded by the NWO research talent scheme, can be found here. The project is supervised by dr. Sacha Epskamp, Date C. van der Veen, Harriëtte Riese, and prof. dr. Robert A. Schoevers.


Publications and Presentations


Burger, J., van der Veen, D. C., Robinaugh, D. J., Quax, R., Riese, H., Schoevers, R. A., & Epskamp, S. (2020). Bridging the gap between complexity science and clinical practice by formalizing idiographic theories: a computational model of functional analysis. BMC Medicine, 18(1), 99. 

Burger, J., Stroebe, M. S., Perrig-Chiello, P., Schut, H. A., Spahni, S., Eisma, M. C., & Fried, E. I. (2020). Bereavement or breakup: Differences in networks of depression. Journal of Affective Disorders, 267, 1-8.

Derks, K., Burger, J., van Doorn, J., Kossakowski, J. J., Matzke, D., Atticciati, L., ... & Cordesius, E. P. (2018). Network Models to Organize a Dispersed Literature: The Case of Misunderstanding Analysis of Covariance. Journal of European Psychology Students, 9(1).

Presentations and Workshops


Bridging the Gap Between Complexity Science and Clinical Practice by Formalizing Idiographic Theories: A Computational Model of Functional Analysis. 

Presented at the Conference on Complex Systems 2019, Singapore.



Therapy Implications from Psychopathological Dynamical Systems (TIPS).

Presented at the International Convention of Psychological Science (ICPS) 2019, Paris.





1-day workshop on dynamic network modeling for the FLAMES summer school (Flanders’ training network for Methodology and Statistics), including N = 1, N > 1, multi-level modeling and challenges to VAR models, 2019, Ghent.









Nieuwe Achtergracht 129-B,

1018 WT Amsterdam

Room S.18

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